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4 Tips for Better Health in 2020

Week 3 on the 4 tips for better health and this week we are concentrating on the thorny issue of nutrition. This is a very personal one for many people, as what we eat can bring up a lot of triggers for people. However, we can't escape the fact that a healthy diet is key for maintaining our health in the long run. We may be able to get away with eating a lot of junk food in our early 20s, but as we get older it does catch up with us. So read on for some tips on eating better to help us feel better and live longer.


There is lots of confusing information out there about what we should and shouldn't be eating, what's good for us and what's not. One day eggs are bad, other days ready made low fat meals with lots of sugar are good, so it's no wonder people are confused about food. Couple that with the 'ideal body image' and it can be a recipe for disaster. So, I always promote a sensible, workable approach to food and nutrition when discussing it with my clients. You need something that fits in with your life, that you don't have to travel miles for to get particular ingredients that aren't widely available. And when it comes down to it with nutrition, common sense should really prevail.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"

Here are key tips on nutrition:

  1. Eat Slowly - this is so important, as feeding our body is not just about what food we put into it, but also how we digest that food. Food eaten in a hurry or on the run is not going to be digested as well as food that we eat when we sit down and relax and eat slowly. This is when heartburn occurs! Ideally we should be sitting properly and not scrolling through our phones or have our minds focused on some other activity. Better digestion occurs when we are focused on our food and enjoying it.

  2. Eat food that is all colours of the rainbow - generally speaking food that is beige in colour adds calories! When we stop and think about the different colours of fruits and vegetables, meat fish, oils and nuts, they are all different colours. So eating a diet that is naturally colourful, is going to be healthier for us.

  3. Don't get hung up on faddy diets - this is certainly a way that is going to add more stress to your life and in some cases create hangups about certain foods. Food should be enjoyed and not used as a punishment and the more you enjoy your food, the better you are going to digest it, from a Chinese Medicine way of looking at it. Think about how your grandparents ate, most likely natural foods, cooked from scratch - this is really how we should be eating.

  4. Quit the junk - we all know its bad for us, but eat it anyway. Eating a bar of chocolate as a treat once in a while is not going to do us much harm, but having a diet made up primarily of lots of chocolate and processed food, is going to do us a lot of harm in the long run. It will add calories, which turn into pounds, reduce our vitality and have us feeling stressed, bloated and unhealthy in no time. So do yourself a favour, make up your mind that you are going to quit the junk today and save those bars of chocolate for every once in awhile!

While acupuncture can't make you lose weight or indeed eat better, it can help keep you motivated by helping you feel less stressed and generally in my experience, when people are less stressed, they make better food choices. It can also really help people who are experiencing digestive problems. So, my advice would be, if you are experiencing digestive problems, don't suffer in silence, do try and get the problem addressed, sooner rather than later.

Happy eating for good health Everyone. Next week, I'll be discussing relaxation and how important it is for Health!

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