'I had never had acupuncture treatment before booking in with Dawn and afterwards I couldn't recommend Dawn highly enough.  I felt so welcome when I arrived and very comfortable.  She was very thorough with her consultation and I felt she put a lot of time and energy into my treatments.  I felt I received the best care and going routinely to my treatments made a huge difference to my health and energy. I can't thank Dawn enough for her help.' - Mandy K.

'I always feel so cared for after a session with Dawn. Professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. I really feel the benefits and understand my body and how to help heal myself. Thanks so much Dawn!' - Sue F.

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'Hi Dawn - hope life is real good for you.  Just an update - I'm feeling great thanks to all your work with those precious little needles....I'll keep in touch - thanks for everything.' - Gwen, Straffan.

'Just to say thank you for all you did helping me get in the best shape for my wedding. The acupuncture sessions and tailored diet were amazing. I lost 21 pounds, the red patches on my face cleared up, my energy levels rose and I just felt so much better in myself. I cannot recommend highly enough what you do, the expert advise you give and the wonderful care you take of your clients Thank you so much.'

- Jean Marie x

'I injured my right knee and I could not walk properly without a significant amount of pain.   After two sessions of acupuncture not only can I walk properly but the knee feels freer and more flexible.   My  right arm was even worse in that every time I moved  it was sheer agony.  At night it was a nightmare trying to sleep and stay asleep as the throbbing pain woke me on numerous occasions.  After one - yes just one session the arm was cured!  Fantastic!   I found the experience a delight as I would never have thought it would work but when you take so many pain killers and they don`t work I decided I would give acupuncture a try. I would recommend it to anyone in pain.  Dawn is gentle and caring and an excellent adviser.' - Colin P.

'When I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer Dawn's acupuncture really made a difference. The treatments helped me with both physical symptoms (fatigue) and in dealing with the stress and anxiety of receiving this diagnosis. I'm delighted to recommend Wellpoint Acupuncture.' - Rachel B.