Treatment & Cost

DNA (Distal Needling Acupuncture)

DNA or Distal Needling Acupuncture involves the insertion of needles into areas of the body that are away from the site of pain.  This method of acupuncture utilises the ancient practice of channel relationships in the body, which Chinese Medical practitioners discovered thousands of years ago.  It works along neural pathways, sending messages to the brain to release the body's natural pain killers and sends Qi and Blood to the site of pain, to help the body heal itself.  It is a pain-free and effective method of acupuncture, offering fast, but long-lasting results from pain.  It is also effective in treating internal and chronic health conditions. 

I was introduced to this method of acupuncture through attending  Bob Doane's DNA seminars and use it as the primary acupuncture treatment for pain in my clinic.

8 Principles Acupuncture

I was originally trained in 8 Principles Acupuncture, which is a more traditional school in the diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases.  This involves taking a careful case history with each client, looking at their tongue and taking their pulse in order to come up with the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.  Depending on how long a condition has been going on, sometimes clients require additional therapies, such as diet and lifestyle advice, or in more chronic cases that are not responding appropriately to acupuncture, herbs to help treat their complaint, helping them feel better.

​NADA Protocol

The NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) Protocol was developed to assist with targeting addictive behaviours, such as alcohol and drug misuse and abuse.  Additionally it can be used to treat other addictive behaviours such as stopping smoking.  More recently it has been used to treat emotional trauma and mental health in disaster settings. 

I use this wonderful treatment in the clinic to help treat stress-related conditions, such as anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and emotional trauma, which can all be conditions which exist alongside addictive behaviour. Treatments have a calming and relaxing effect, in particular on the nervous system, to help bring balance back to the body and mind. This can be a starting point for clients to look at ways to reduce stress and help create more balance in their own life.  


Moxibustion involves the use of the herb Artemesia (Mugwort), an aromatic plant that is rich in essential oils, fats, enzymes and vitamins.  This treatment involves applying the heat from a Moxa stick over the area of injury or discomfort.  The heat generated by the Moxa penetrates deeply into the body and promotes circulation of blood and reduction of pain.  The circulation of blood and reduction of pain, helps restore balance and promotes a sense of well-being.  This treatment can be used with Acupuncture Needles or on its own and is a very effective additional treatment for those suffering with chronic Frozen Shoulder.

​Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance

A large part of staying healthy and avoiding chronic disease, triggered by lifestyle, is eating whole, nutritious, seasonal food.  This forms the fundamental of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I am passionate about the role food can play in healing chronic disease and firmly believe that making small, sustainable changes to what and how you eat can reap enormous benefits.

Part of acupuncture treatment also includes home and lifestyle advice, based on the TCM diagnosis and what foods and or lifestyle changes will help improve the condition and overall health.  As food is deeply personal and can have a lot of emotional baggage attached, advice is provided in a non-judgemental, easily applicable way.  This approach I have found, sets the person up to succeed, where small, sustainable changes are achievable and can make a big difference.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine, similar to acupuncture has been developed over thousands of years. It uses common and not so common herbs, or combination of herbs (known as formulas) to treat internal diseases and chronic long-term pain associated with them.  ​

Chinese herbs are prescribed, based on the individual diagnosis of the client, and are taken over a number of weeks to address the condition and promote long-term healing. 

I received my Diploma in Chinese Medicine in 2023 and am looking forward to being able to provide herbs to clients to help them feel better.

Treatments Price
Initial Consultation and Treatment - 1½ hours €70
Follow up Treatments - 45 minutes €60